Thursday, July 16, 2009

Two tutorials with confusing titles

This is a tale of two tutorials, whose titles may have caused confusion:

I posted the tutorial LilianaBead Apple Core Design - Starting with the Center - Part One - Lampwork Bead Tutorial several weeks ago.

I just posted the tutorial LilianaBead Tutorial - The Apple Core Design - Lampwork Bead a couple of days ago.

Today I changed the title of the first tutorial to LilianaBead Apple Core Design - Starting with the Center - Lampwork Bead Tutorial after realizing that "Part One" makes the tutorials sound more connected that they really are. These two tutorials are for two entirely separate beads. The bead shown in the first tutorial is not at the center of The Apple Core Bead.

I called the first one "Part One" because perfecting that bead gave me the inspiration for the center of The Apple Core bead. This tutorial focuses on a beautiful design which lies at basis of the apple core design. Long before I made an apple core for years I made this bead and developed it to where it is now.

Why would you purchase this tutorial if you can just purchase the Apple Core Design Tutorial? This tutorial is different in that the goal of it is

1) to show you how to make the bead in the image;
2) to start you thinking about designs as modules that will lead you to more composite designs of your own;
3) to get you to practice several techniques that make this design what it is;
4) to introduce you to concepts of color use to accentuate depth and color in glass.

The clues I offer here make each step more comprehensive and strategic. They are perceptibly different from tutorial to tutorial. I rarely copy and paste. My preference is to think about each tutorial in the moment as having its own logic and a distinct flow of words and expression. Thus, you will learn something different from each of them even though processes might appear as similar if not identical.

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