Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Apple Core Inspired

I don't know if you know this...
(1) I can crack an apple open in half with my hands.
(2) I eat the entire apple. Yes, the apple core included.

You probably don't know that growing up in Moldova, a mainly agricultural country which at the time was the Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldavia...
(1) I ate fresh apples only during their ripe season and otherwise my dad, who had access to farmers and their harvest, would bring cases of fresh apples to the city and store them in his cellar. That is why we ate apples and hence they were quite exotic to us during off-season periods. In my family the entire apple was consumed.
(2) In my school not everyone's father stored apples for the winter and I, like many others, had to share with my classmates. I didn't like when people bit out of my food, so I learned how to crack apples in perfect halves with my bare hands. Sometimes I cracked those halves into two more halves depending on how many kids wanted a bite of my apple at the time.

It's nice to share and bring to the surface these memories. It's even nicer and very curious to see what comes out of this experience - an apple core lampwork bead. Who would have known?

I'm including a slideshow of images/art/craft I found on the web. There is an abundance of expression driven and influenced by the apple core - thank Goddess of All Apples :)

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