Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Apple Core Tutorial is ready to inspire and help you make your own

Hope you're having a wonderful summer!

I'm back from my travels in Texas and Europe - I had a wonderful time which I hope to dedicate some time to in my future posts.

But right now I'm happy to say that I finished writing The Apple Core Tutorial and I made it available for sale in my etsy shop.

After weeks and weeks of preparation and writing I decided to do what I love doing best - share my knowledge with people who are as passionate about glass as I am. While writing this tutorial I was filled with moments of joy about having gotten to know glass quite intimately and that I am able to design with it. The color, the depth and its self-evident connection with the wearer and his/her surroundings - are qualities that attract and inspire me about glass.

As you read this tutorial you will see detailed images of important steps and visual clues with commentary. The steps are separate from the commentary: the steps constitute instructions whereas the clues suggest ways of thinking about and identifying meaningful details in the process. We often take these details for granted. In my world, however, all knowledge happens on the margins and these details end up playing significant roles in how I understand what’s happening
around me.

This tutorial is 51 pages long and I used 70 process images to illustrate step-by-step instructions. Below are a few pics that I used in the tutorial which will give you a taste for the detail that drives its content.

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