Thursday, October 14, 2010

Liliana at work...

This is what it looks like.
This is what it sounds like.
This is what it feels like...
I love love melting glass :)

In this video, I'm making a focal glass bead with layers and layers of petals; the flowers will eventually be encased. While I'm at the torch, I often listen to WBUR which you're hearing in the background. In the evenings I switch to Paradise Radio.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New LilianaBead Work featured at Natick Artists Open Studios

Silence is golden..
I don't think this saying works in this paradigm and yet I have a lot of silence in my everyday life.
I go to the studio in the morning -usually around 8am or so, turn NPR on and listen to it while working with my glass.
Every once in a while I chat with my studio mates and fellow artists with whom I share projects and ideas. Most late evenings I go home and become an active member of a family of 7 - not exactly golden and not exactly silence... :)
What about blogging? Hence this entry.

Natick Artist Open Studios is coming up on October 16 and 17 here in Natick.
I will be in my studio #2 at 43 Main on the second floor. At least two new collections will be there for your viewing.

I have a new collection of beads--inspired by the concept of water—into which I incorporate fine silver wire. This design is built on a specialty of mine - fine silver inside glass. The wire technique introduces continuity while a prism of layers and layers of clear give the sensation of movement in these pieces. This is a collection built on my visual and social experience of water - while I know what water looks like and feels like, the moment of seeing moving water is undeniably fleeting. Each time I look at one of these beads I see something different.

I've heard wonderful feedback from my customers about these beads and several of them have become partners in aesthetically driven relationships... :) Yes, they are out there...

There is another collection that may interest you. This one is a result of my collaboration with Marie Picard Craig - a Natick artist photographer. She's been working with me on my tutorials and occasionally photographing my work for a couple of years now. Marie's talent and skill nurtured and fueled her interest to incorporate the photographs of my beads into her photos of nature. The end-result is simply amazing!

Marie and I are working on a book on the fruits of our creative relationship. In the meantime, we published a calendar to hopefully tease your interest and get you excited about our collaborative work.
If you can't make it to the Open Studios and would like to acquire this calendar, please e-mail me to inquire about cost etc.

Looking forward to hearing from and/or seeing you.

To learn more about the Natick Artists Open Studios and the participants, go to
To see examples of Marie Picard Craig's Work, visit her website at