Saturday, January 24, 2009

Do you have a google analytics account?

I hope you're enjoying your week-end so far.

I've been looking at google analytics for the last hour trying to make sense of the traffic that comes to my website and etsy accounts.
The one for my website I've had for a couple of years. I've used these data (1) to work on tagging the pages with the keywords that people use to search for me, (2) to create a homepage and a navigation system that is user-friendly and enticing.
Now I have analytics on my two etsy accounts where I have yet to accumulate enought data to make sense of it.

Do you have a google analytics account?
Whether you do or not, hop onto timothy's adam page
and check out the tutorials on how to get an account on google analytics and start tracking the traffic in your etsy shop.

Let me know what you think and how it goes.

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