Sunday, January 18, 2009

Creating Heart Jewelry

Frank Lloyd Wright said that, "The heart is the first feature of working minds."
Among other meanings behind this quote, it also describes best my relationship with hearts: when it comes to creating hearts my brain kicks in as it says, "So what are you going to make?"

The truth is that I've made many many heart pendants and necklaces over the years and yet here I am thinking about them again and again as if I've never made one before. Re-creating what I've already made is not satisfactory to me.

With St. Valentine on our doorstep in addition to the fact that hearts sell very well all year around, I am thinking of new designs. Designs that are not too much of a cliche and which would reinforce the form of the heart in a subtle way.

The form of the heart is what appeals to me very much and making that form in glass is one of the most sensuous experience to me. Watching and guiding the hot glass as gravity wraps it with its charm and power is simply hypnotizing.

Well, no more words. One more heart ... that I really enjoyed making.

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