Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New work and new connections

A few days ago, during a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston I saw the Female Effigy Jar (Paracas, Early Horizon (late phase), 200-1 B.C.). I was inspired by her origins, history, cultural significance and objet-d'artistic existence amid a multiplicity of archaeologically meaningful counterparts of the Pre-Colombian South America. I haven't stopped thinking about her since.

Even though I prefer to claim spontaneity when it comes to visiting the MFA - I am a member after all - I had a reason to go this time. You see, there's a call for submissions to Lark Crafts for a publication to showcase 1000 beads. All media are welcome and the juror is Kristina Logan. 

What a great opportunity to let imagination run loose, articulate questions and develop ideas out of issues and circumstances that wash over me like waves quite often but always retrieve into the ocean of life and living thus remaining untold and yet always there!

This is also a chance to seek opportunities for more conversation and connection with a fellow creative person whose work I like and whose process I would like to learn more about.

Sue designs and hooks rugs in addition to felting large and small. I have enjoyed her company, as well as her business over the years ( thank you, Sue! ), and I asked her whether she'd be interested in working with me on submitting to this publication. We've already met and talked; she's as excited about the Female Effigy Jar as I am. 

So, will the Female Effigy Jar come to being reincarnated and present itself as a bead? If so, the circumstances surrounding its rebirth will be different and yet omnipresent. We are two women living and creating in the 21st century and we are on a quest to learn more about ourselves, each other, our media as means to shaping a connection with an ancestral past.

You're welcome to be a part of this journey. Connect with me and us here.

Message from Sue:
I feel so honored to be asked to bring my experiences to the table and create a joint project. Hard/soft, cold/warm are just a few of the characteristics that this endeavor will bring to light. Who are we connected to when we work separately on the same piece; past, present, both?