Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring is in the air and new designs are fueling my spirits...

It's been a couple of months since Phil and I returned from Costa Rica.
What a trip it was! We met wonderful people and saw beautiful places.

I feel that only now I suddenly have the urge to nurture the excitement I experienced while admiring the lushness of the forests and farmland, and the splendor of the Costa Rica flora and fauna. I felt it, I saw it and I heard it from our friend Eli who finished each sentence with an exclamation, "Purrrrrrrra Vida!" I burst into laughter each time she said it as if she was saying it for the first time. The fire in her eyes and the passion in her heart surprised me with its air of innocence and sincere love for her surroundings.

I was very impressed by the La Paz Waterfall Gardens where we spent several hours getting acquainted with and enjoying the ambience created for and by the flora, fauna and the visitors. I fell in love with the curious toucans and admired the serenity of the wild cats. I thoroughly enjoyed the insect and especially the butterfly sections where one could follow the metamorphosis. As we walked from one part of the Observatory to the other, the eggs unravelled themselves into larvae turned pupae and here they were: the butterflies emerging from the chrysalis and unveiling their intricate designs and elegance.

As I was taken in by the experiences at the parc and the volcano trips we took, I didn't take one picture. Ever since a whale-watching trip where I took a bunch of photos and couldn't remember a thing afterwards, I decided that I would photograph with my eyes. Upon return, I researched and found a photographer whose work of the Rain Forest I connected to the most.
His name is Thomas Marent and his nature photography is exceptional and inspiring.

So, here are some images of the glass pieces I created while fueled by the memories and the wonderful photographs (see above). They will be available soon in my artfire shop.

Enjoy :)

PS: The images below are from the La Paz Waterfall Gardens website.

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