Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back from a Night Class at WCC and more

It's been some time since I wrote last...
A lot of things and some of them wonderful have been happening and keeping my mind away from self-expression in blog format.
The self-expression in other media is going strong :)

  • SOWA is done for the year. I think I will apply to do it again next year in part because of the new customers and the artists' community.
By the way, last time at SOWA I wasn't myself but rather shape-shifted by the Dark Spirits of Halloween. Below is a photo of me that a customer offered to take and he sent it to me recently.
What am I? If you guess "right" I will send you a bead.

  • My Mother-In-Law and her brother visited with us for a week or so and we all went to Acadia National Park and then Bar Harbor. Standing on Cadillac Mountain on a very very windy day was quite an experience. The marks left by the glacial waters on the mountain and the wild flora arising amidst the cracks in the ancient stone - one powerful and yet very fragile landscape. Bar Harbor, on the other hand, a very quaint town with beautiful by-the-sea scenery, is a great place to relax and enjoy aquatic culinary delights. We stayed at Bar Harbor Inn which is directly on the waterfront and the rooms were very comfortable. Visit there when you have a chance.


  1. Are you an American Indian Chief?

  2. Actually, I am The Finger Maid.

    I made this headdress for Halloween this year and I used a wig, 16g wire to create the crown to which I attached rubber fingers and worms.

    I also used resin mice and attached them to the front of the wig.

    Thank you for your attempt, smurfbeads, and I will send you a bead. Please leave me your address.

    Happy Holidays!