Friday, August 28, 2009

Back from Snow Farm

I'm back from Snow Farm and missing my students, my fellow instructors and the campus staff.
However, I will be back on September 20 for another week of teaching and looking forward to a new class and energy.

I have to say that at the beginning the energy in my classes is quite well-balanced and full of preparedness. The students are attentive and respectful toward each other and the teacher.
As the class progresses, my students develop multiple identity syndrome, oscillating from quiet and driven to joke-making, uncontrollable glass addicts. I love it and can never get enough.

My favorite thing about teaching is watching each student develop her (sometimes his :) ) own relationship with the process and the glass. While caution and/or enthusiasm make time pass and glass melt, mutual trust helps members of the class learn to watch for each other and even create together. The resulting beads are wonderful, each like a pearl encapsulating a journey rich in understanding and representing layers and layers of experience...

In addition to spending a lot of time with my students, I enjoy my time with fellow faculty. Some of them I run into quite often and there are always a few that I have yet to meet. One whom I see a lot and whose work I admire very much is Alexandra Sheldon. Check out her website to see her mind-blowing collages. I'm contemplating on taking a class with her just to see what collage can do for me...

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