Saturday, May 23, 2009

Create for a Cause - Suicide Prevention

This morning I'm thinking of my dear friend, RM, whose teen son died by suicide a few years ago. As result of her experiences pre- and post-, she's dedicated her life to this cause.

On June 4th, RM and her friends are holding an event during which several crafters will help her guests enjoy the process of creating and sharing the wonderful energy that usually accompanies such activities. Among conversations and meaningful relationships, we will sew and collage handmade cards and assemble jewelry.

RM and I met a couple of times to come up with ways to use beads of all types to create pendants, bracelets, rings and keychains. To economize, since this is a fundraiser for a good cause, we used memory wire and cords that we've had lying around my studio and her home to create models of what our guests can make. I will take pictures during the event and will have another post after June 4th showing you some of the pieces we will have made.

RM's son had a make-your-own streak in him. I got to know T. better when RM brought him to my studio and wanted me to teach him how to work glass in a torch flame. He ended up making beads that were all blue and red because he was a very passionate citizen of the Red Sox Nation - our baseball team here in Boston. I was amazed at how fast he took to the process. He explained to me later that he had just learned about the laws of gravity in his physics class and that he enjoyed seeing it happen so fast right in front of his eyes while melting glass.

After T. made some very nice red and blue glass beads, I taught him how to macrame so that he could incorporate them into jewelry that he would enjoy wearing. We sat in RM's kitchen with hemp thread and T. made his first of numerous macrame hemp necklaces. I found out later that many of his friends ended up with macrame hemp necklaces as result of T.'s new interest.

Now, to engage and pass on those memories of T's desire to create hands-on, RM created this fundraising event where professional crafters will provide guidance in designing and creating handmade and the guests will add new narratives to their relationships and this particular cause.

There will also be a silent auction. I donated two sets of jewelry which include a necklace and a pair of earrings representing my Berry with Seeds and Flower Berry Collections.


  1. Hi Liliana,

    These are very beautiful works of art.
    I'm sure they'll have great success and will help the cause.

    Kind regards,


  2. I love the oxidized necklace with the berry beads! HOT HOT HOT Mama!