Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wonderful work by Other Artists

I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday.

I'm enjoying myself at home on a cold winter day browsing the web, remembering those whose work I've always enjoyed and learning about new artists.

Check out Caitlin's Hyde work at
I met Caitlin in 2000 when I moved to Carbondale, IL and took my first bead class with her.
She's an artist of both conceptual and technical degree whom I admire and whose work I enjoy very much. Caitlin is also a very kind and wonderful person and that comes through in her work.

A new artist I just found out about from browsing Caitlin's virtual pages is Lena Revenko. Visit her at
I think of her as the Frida Kahlo of these times whose work is a combination of a kind of fairy tale dreaminess and an acute awareness of the current social realities.

Tell me what you think.

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